The Afghan Church

The Afghan church was built by the British in honor of those who died in the First Afghan War of 1838, though it also memorializes Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Army from Lahore, Bombay and Madras Army. Afghan Church is the most visited place during the time of Christmas, when it is not only crowded but beautifully decorated. The Gothic architectural style of the Afghan Church, along with its stunning stained glass windows, makes it one of the most eye-catching and beautiful buildings in Colaba.

The Rajabhai Clock Tower

The Rajabhai Clock Tower was designed by George Gilbert, the same architect who created the tower of Big Ben in London. The Rajabhai Clock Tower boasts a delightful intermingling of Venetian and Gothic architectural style with a grand clock that used to ring hourly. It is named after the mother of Premchand Roychand, who had a major hand in supporting the building of this clock tower financially. On visiting Rajabhai Clock Tower, visitors should also pay a visit to the University Library which is one of the most beautiful libraries of India, with colorful stained glass windows and hypnotizing staircases.

The Sassoon Docks

The Sassoon Docks is one of the oldest harbors in Mumbai open to the public. Located in the outskirts of Colaba, the Sassoon Docks has an enormous fish market and is considered the trading center of South Mumbai. Ships, cruise ships and fishing boats are aplenty, and visitors can watch the fishermen bringing in their catches, repairing nets and trading fish; observing the harbor lifestyle will be quite an experience for anyone spending a day among the water-people of South Mumbai.

  • Colaba (Causeway) - 1.5KM
  • Gateway of India - 1.2KM
  • Marine Drive -2 KM
  • Railway Stations: CST - 800MTS ; Churchgate - 1KM
  • Palladium mall - 6.8 KM
  • Airport - 18KM
  • Chowpatty Beach - 3.5 KM